TAB Technology

TAB has created powerful specialist data engineering and machine intelligence technology


TAB gathers, structures, standardises, augments and measures inconsistent financial deal data from 1000s of online finance marketplaces globally. We cover high-growth (‘P2P’) debt, equity, rewards and other financing types across all geographies. We have built two substantial data systems to achieve this:

Tytan™ is our powerful data engine, working round-the-clock to continuously monitor hundreds of online marketplaces worldwide, drawing down deal data, which it structures, cleans and augments to provide the world's only comprehensive view of all online marketplace activity. Tytan™ is the underlying big data engineering power that enables us to bring you fresh intelligence.

Daisy™ is our artificial intelligence technology. Daisy™ ‘reads’ and segments the data amassed by Tytan™ to create categories. She can then spot trends in these signals as well as combining them to predict the future values of indicators of economic activity.