TAB Signals™

Fresh, leading indicators of detailed and macroeconomic activity


Signals™ uses A.I. and natural language processing to distil billions of data points across hundreds of online financing platforms into market predictive analytics. Signals™ measures alternative market segments and can be built into fresh, leading indicators of detailed and macroeconomic activity, with a horizon of two months and encouraging r^2 values. This fresh insight is unique and based on TAB’s proprietary data technologies: Tytan™ and Daisy™.

Signals™ includes equity factors as leading indicators of stock market indices or sectoral trends. Regulatory change in the form of MiFID II, coupled with a strong and rapid evolution towards big data reliance are driving the hunt for new data to support asset management.

Signals™ can help demonstrate consumer confidence, the rise of new industries, factor-specific and stock-specific activity for fundamental, quantitative and hybrid ‘quanta-mental’ asset managers.

For alternative debt and alternative equity managers, TAB can support the exploration and exposure to this alternative market.

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